Your initial R3000 payment is allocated to your account for future printing orders. You have two options when placing orders.


As per your initial deposit you make payment of a sum of money into your account up front, and we will take off that amount as you process orders. This option further speeds up the process with you not having to process payments for each and every order. Our accounts department will let you know when your balance gets low and you can make another deposit. We do require that a Print Power partner spends no less than R20 000 in a six-month period. We are committed to partnering with bona fida re-sellers and do not want end users using this system. The deposit system protects the Print Power partner as well.


You pay and send us proof of payment for each order, and we process your orders when we receive the payment and artwork.

Banking Details

Print Power
Standard Bank
Greenstone Branch (016342)
Account Number: 020046634