Terms and Conditions

  1. At application we require the Print Power partner to sign a blanket Artwork disclaimer that will pertain to all artwork received in the future.
  2. Artwork to be supplied in accordance with the outlines in the artwork guidelines section. Flyerz will endeavour to do everything possible to assist the partner in training and ensuring the Partners designers are able to supply the correct files.
  3. We require that a Print Power partner spends at least R20 000 within 6 months of application as well as more than 6 different orders.
  4. There is a R 3000 deposit to be paid into Print Power on application. This amount will be credited to the Print Power partners account and will be offset against orders placed.
  5. No orders will be placed without payment at the time we receive artwork.
  6. Print Power will supply all printing in completely unmarked packaging.
  7. Print Power reserves the right to refuse Print Power applications for whatever reasons it chooses.